Ergonomics For Children In The Classroom In 2020

We tend to dwell on the discomforts of typical sitting patterns of adults at work, and for all of the right reasons. However, the positional habits start much earlier than that- children in school. A child needs an ergonomic chair and small adjustable desk just like an adult needs a comfortable workstation. In this article, we discuss current sitting trends and research for […]

Children’s furniture is cooler than ever. Why?

Kids’ rooms often tend to be silos, existing in their own realms full of colors and patterns that are incongruous with the rest of the home. Things that would never fly in a carefully decorated living room, like a plastic chair emblazoned with the face of the latest Pixar hero, are allowed in a child’s […]

Children’s Furniture That Will Make Them Feel Grown-Up

CHAIR PLAY From modern sectional sofas to posh settees, kids’ furniture design is embracing a wider range of styles. CHILDREN’S FURNITURE styles seem to be maturing as quickly as the tots destined to spill juice on them. Here, Adam Carolla —comedian, podcast host and father of two—speculates on the type of kids to whom these five […]

Kids Furniture

It is rare that a chair can make you grin, a table can make you smile, a stool can make you laugh and a bed can make you want kick up your heels and dance. But if you really wish to do these for your kid, choose whimsy chairs, tables and stools in childerns furniture that will […]